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Ligne 1: Ligne 1:
-Les DDTP Ubuntu sont les descriptions ​détaillées des paquets de la Logithèqueà traduire+Semi-Automating the DDTP translations:​ step by step process (contact: #​ubuntu-fr-l10n or #​ubuntu-translators on freenode). 
-  * Elles sont non-prioritaires en période de rush + 
-  * Il y néanmoins BEAUCOUP de travail +**Rationale** 
-  * Vous pouvez les traduire sur https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu +  * The DDTP represent around 50 000 strings to translate * 140 languages= 7 million strings to translate ! 
-  * Nightmonkey ​est une interface ludique et intuitive pour voir les descriptions importantes à traduire: http://​nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu+  * On good weeks, a typical yet active translation team translates 500 strings. It would take a hundred weeks with highly motivated volunteers of a large translation team, working non-stop, at their best to fully translate a language. 
 +**The solution** 
 +  * Delegate initial translation to Google Translate and review translations with humans to speed the process. 
 +**A Word of Caution before beginning** 
 +  * Machine translations don't replace (yet) human translations. It needs to be validated and corrected in many cases. 
 +  * Depending on the target language, the quality of the translations will fluctuate. (e.g. French, German, Spanish...) should work well. Smaller languages might have more issues.  
 +  * Another factor is the complexity of the strings. You'll have really good translations for simple strings and poor translations for poorly written or complex ​descriptions
 +  * FinallyDO take time to do a mass review of the translations after the initial import. Given the size of the DDTP, a simple find and replace can save dozens of hours of translation
 +  * Make sure your review team is closed and has strong standards to avoid validation of poorly translated strings by too enthusiastic members 
 +  ​1/ Preparing the DDTP for Machine Translation 
 +  * Ask for Launchpad translation export of the DDTP for main, universe, restricted and multiverse (.po files for your language and .pot templates) 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​raring/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-universe/​+export 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​raring/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​+export 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​raring/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-multiverse/​+export 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​raring/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-restricted/​+export 
 +  * Gather the .po and .pot files in a folder on your drive 
 +  * We had to split the DDTP universe po in 14 files and main in 5 files to make it match Google Translator Kit's size requirements. You'll have around 14 files in UNIVERSE, and 5 in MAIN but 1 in MULTIVERSE (use MULTIVERSE for tests) 
 +  * Use the Python script below created by Redmar to split the po files in files below 900k 
 +  * http://​people.ubuntu.com/​~redmar/​posplit.py 
 +  * Gather the translated po files on a shared online folder and split the work between team members. 
 +  - 2/ Perform the Machine Translation 
 +  * Import the file in Google Translator Kit : http://​translate.google.com/​toolkit/​docupload?​hl=fr 
 +  * You might see errors: 
 +  * the file might be too big (remove a few strings) 
 +  * After a couple of seconds, Google Translator Kit displays the file along with automatic translations. You could theoretically review them here, but that's not the point. 
 +  * You should fix some mistakes directly in Google Translator Kit thanks to its powerful search and replace functionnality that can be limited to translations only 
 +  * The  \n (line break) become ​ \ n which messes everything 
 +  * The \" become \ " (with a space) which messes everything 
 +  * Check the po file validates in Poedit (do more fixes directly in Google Translator Kit if there are many mistakes) 
 +  - 3/ Bring back the suggestions into your drive 
 +Download all the translated po back to your drive or your shared online folder in a specific folder (named translated to avoid messing up with original files) 
 +  - 4/ Do mass-Replace of obvious mistakes in each file to be able to import them back into Launchpad and also save a lot time when correcting the strings 
 +  * DO NOT CORRECT ORIGINAL ENGLISH STRINGS: if you do so, Launchpad will consider those new strings (as now they differ) and thus discard the string AND your translation. 
 +  * Use Gedit syntax coloring to quickly spot mistakes 
 +  * Use RegEx to correct as many mistakes as possible before initial import into the Bogus Project. The Time Savings are HUGE. 
 +  * Make sure that the PO file validates (using PoEdit) 
 +  * It seems that Google Translate adds spaces after \ . 
 +  * The  \n (line break) become ​ \ n which messes everything 
 +  * The \" become \ " (with a space) which messes everything 
 +  * The syntaxic coloration in gEdit highlights the mistakes well. 
 +  * It might create bugs during the launchpad import as ""​ is a string delimiter. 
 +  * Strings that you should also be careful for (Global) 
 +  * Any word in English in the translated part 
 +  * The beginning of your string should be capitalized (Paquet, Interface...) 
 +  * Consistency in similar strings 
 +  * Punctuation and Typography rules (spaces..) 
 +  * Typos in the original strings should be reported as bugs against the DDTP (https://​bugs.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​+filebug) 
 +  * Strings that you should be careful for (French specific) 
 +  * http://​lite.framapad.org/​p/​ddtpfix 
 +  - 5/ Import the PO files back in our bogus project in Launchpad 
 +  * We can't import them as fuzzy in the DDTP, because Launchpad doesn'​t handle fuzzy (https://​bugs.launchpad.net/​launchpad/​+bug/​493084) . We don't want to import the automatic translations as "​Translated" ​ because there still are many mistakes (ans also because it's fed back to upstream). We thus need to use the "bogus project"​ solution to show our machine translations as suggestions in the real DDTP. As a result, they should appear as suggestions for the real DDTP so that they can be reviewed by humans. 
 +  * We have thus created a cross-language project. You shouldn'​t create your own. Get in touch on the ubuntu-translators ML to import your language. 
 +  * You don't have to merge back the files before uploading (http://​ubuntu.5.n6.nabble.com/​Re-Ubuntu-l10n-de-community-Bug-1057767-Re-Some-translation-templates-are-not-in-sync-with-upstream-td4997338.html). 
 +  * Import the DDTP pot files (templates) 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtpautomation/​trunk/​+translations-upload (quantal) 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtpautomated2/​trunk/​+translations-upload (raring) 
 +  * Import the various automatically translated chunks (next chapter) 
 +  * Wait for the files to be accepted and imported 
 +  - 6/ Review Process 
 +  * Go to the DDTP, the imported translations in DDTP automation bogus project should appear as suggestions 
 +  * Ask for forum members to do a first review for obvious mistakes and make suggestions 
 +  * Then, team members can make the actual review and validate the translation 
 +**Additional Advice** 
 +  * Focus on validating high-priority and high-impact packages first 
 +  * Using Nightmonkey, focus on the most visible packages. Just replace the langage code on the links below 
 +  * http://​nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/#​release=quantal&​language=fr&​view=app&​repo=universe&​isok=false&​rownumber=100&​sortpopcon=dsc&​packagename=&​page=1 
 +  * http://​nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/#​release=quantal&​language=fr&​view=pack&​repo=universe&​isok=false&​rownumber=100&​sortpopcon=dsc&​packagename=ubuntu&​page=null 
 +  * http://​nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/#​release=quantal&​language=fr&​view=pack&​repo=main&​isok=false&​rownumber=100&​sortpopcon=none&​packagename=ubuntu&​page=null 
 +  * Focus on mass validations & low-hanging fruits first 
 +  * For validations,​ you can use the very buggy search feature on Launchpad. It timeouts 8 times out of 10, but is valuable when it doesn'​t (Very specific searches reduce the risk of timing out to 50%) 
 +  * French Specific (you can take inspiration) 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "this package provides a module for" 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=This+package+provides+a+module+for 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data for all supported packages for:"​ 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=Translation+data+for+all+supported+packages+for%3A 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data updates for all supported packages for:"​ 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=Translation+data+updates+for+all+supported+packages+for%3A 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data updates for all supported KDE packages for:"​ 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=Translation+data+updates+for+all+supported+KDE+packages+for%3A+ 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data for all supported KDE packages for: " 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=Translation+data+for+all+supported+KDE+packages+for%3A+ 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : KDE translation updates for language  
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=KDE+translation+updates+for+language+ 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data updates for all supported GNOME packages for:"​ 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​memo=140&​search=Translation+data+updates+for+all+supported+GNOME+packages+for%3A&​show=all&​start=140 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "​Translation data for all supported GNOME packages for: " 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=Translation+data+for+all+supported+GNOME+packages+for%3A+ 
 +  * Done by Sylvie : "KDE translations for language " 
 +  * https://​translations.launchpad.net/​ddtp-ubuntu/​quantal/​+pots/​ddtp-ubuntu-main/​fr/​+translate?​batch=10&​show=all&​search=KDE+translations+for+language+ 
 +  *  
 +**Bring back the validated translations in the Bogus Project** 
 +  * To simplify mass corrections,​ regularly export the official DDTP in their normal form and reimport it in the Bogus project.  
 +  * The manually reviewed suggestions will replace the automatic suggestions,​ reducing time to mass correct mistake and removing the previous automated suggestions. 
 +**Recycling fuzzy translations from older releases (contact Redmar for more details)** 
 +  * When you merge the translations of an older version of Ubuntu into the current version, there will be a lot of « fuzzy » translations for strings that are similar (for example, meta packages for different programs, debugging symbols etc). 
 +  * msgmerge quantal_ddtp.po raring_ddtp.po -o merged_ddtp.po,​ for example 
 +  * Those fuzzy strings often only need a few small changes (eg. program name) to be accepted, which can really speed up translations. And you don't have to worry about google putting in a weird translation,​ since it is all based on earlier translations done by a human. 
 +  * You have to unfuzzy them using Find & Replace in a text editor. Remove the line with #, fuzzy. Save. Upload. 
 +#. type: newglossaryentry{#​2} 
 +#: frontmatter/​glossary-entries.tex :15 
 +#, fuzzy 
 +msgid "bla bla english"​ 
 +msgstr "bla bla translated"​ 
 +**Status, Results, Todo, Bugs & Questions** 
 +  * Results 
 +  * Todo & Bugs 
 +  * Create a DDTP automation LP team and invite coordinator for each language 
 +  * Questions 
 +  * Your question here 
 +  * Status for French 
 +  * Main 
 +  * 6000 suggestions to generate, splitted by Pierre, 5 parts, translated and merged 
 +  * Restricted 
 +  * Translated manually, not applicable 
 +  * Multiverse 
 +  * 300 suggestions to generate, likely technical & difficult, Splitted by Pierre & Merged 
 +  * Universe 
 +  * 14 parts, translated and merged 
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